No limits on website traffic. Never worry about losing your website because you are getting too many visitors.
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage
No limits on the size of your website. Host as many pages as you want - as big as you want.
Unlimited Domains
With the Ultimate Plan, you can host as many websites and domains as you need. No need to purchase additional hosting. Just add-on your domains thru the easy to use cPanel.
Unlimited Email Accounts
Create as many email addresses as you need for each domain that you host (
Brute Force Protection
Security is priority at BlackWire. We know how to protect your website files  from hackers, thieves and DDOS attacks.
Unlimited Databases
All plans include PHP/MySQL and the ability to create as many MySQL databases as you need.  Also, manage your MySQL db thru phpMyAdmin - included in every cPanel.
All BlackWire Hosting Plans Include these Standard Features...
Setting Up A New Domain/Website?
Moving From Another Host?
Not Sure Where to Start?
Wholesale hosting at bulk prices. Perfect for web designers, programmers, and Internet Marketers who want to provide web hosting for their customers..
Reseller Hosting from $19.95 per month.

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Dedicated hosting provides maximum server resources with root access to your own server, dedicated IP addresses, highest e-mail delivery  with custom-configured specs to fit your needs.
Dedicated Servers start at $199.95 per month.

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- Brute Force Protected Servers
- Advanced Firewall with Anti-Hack Protection
- cPanel Pro
- Fantastico DeLuxe
- Instant WordPress Blog
- Anytime Money Back Guarantee
- Consistent Backups
- No Contracts...Cancel Anytime
- URL Redirects
- 50+ EZ-to-Install Site Scripts
- IP Deny Manager
- Catch All
- Boxtrapper
- Nucleus
- Instant phpNuke
- Joomla
- GeekLog
- File Manager
- Built-In Formmail Script
- Password Protected Directrories
- phpMyAdmin
- Scripts Library
- MySQL Databases
- ZendOptimizer
- IonCube
- UNLIMITED Subdomains
- Hotlink Protection
- Custom Error Pages
- Spam Assassin
- Exim
- AntiVirus Software
- Realtime AWStats
- Mambo
- Post-Nuke
- FrontPage Extensions
- Perl
- Cron Jobs
- cgi-bin
- Curl
- GD
- Image Magick
- Streaming Audio and Video, Flash, SWF
- Free Perl Module Installs
- True Domain E-Mail
- Web Mail
- Auto-responders
- Mail Forwarding
- SendMail
- Pipe Email thru a Script
- Xoops
- Sub-Domain Stats
Questions?  Call: (541) 343-3653
Hosting Your Domain

Registering a domain and securing a hosting account are two very different things.  But it is possible to do them separately or at the same time - depending on your needs.  To have a hosting account, of course you need at least one domain name.  But you have three (3) options when it comes to hosting a domain...
OPTION #1: Bring Your Own Domain

If you ALREADY have your own domain name, you can host it by simply ordering the plan of your choice and choosing MANAGE MY OWN DOMAIN when you get to that part of the checkout process. BlackWire will provide you with DNS instructions (Name Servers) with your hosting account instructions.

If you already own your own domain ... then you are ready to purchase hosting. As soon as your account is set up, you will receive the info you need to take to your registrar and POINT your existing domain to the BlackWire server you have been assigned to.

For example, if your existing domain is registered at GoDaddy -  you don;t move your domain. It stays with GoDaddy, but you POINT your domain to your new hosting account at Black Wire. By simply updating your DNS record (name servers) at GoDaddy with the name servers we provide, your domain will then be pointed correctly to the web server.

This is true no matter which registrar you use (GoDaddy,, NameCheap, etc.). If you don't know who your registrar is, call us...we can locate that information for you over the phone (or email.)
OPTION #2: Let Us Register a Domain for You

If you don't have a domain name, we can take care of that for you.

When you order hosting, you are given the option of searching for a new, available domain that we will register it FOR you.

This option is convenient for customers who want to avoid the hassle managing the DNS record or having an additional username / password to remember for their domain registration service.

This eliminates the need to make an additional purchase at another website. When you choose this option, $15 is added to your hosting purchase for annual registration fee. This covers the cost of the domain plus management of your name servers (DNS record) for you.
OPTION #3: Register Your Own New Domain
If you DO NOT have your own domain, you can register at any registrar of your choice and still host with BlackWire.

If you want to register your own domain, you can save approximately $5 per year by doing it yourself. You can register your domain at any 3rd party registrar of your choice ... or you can use our recommended registrar here.

When you register on your own, you will have to update your own DNS record with the DNS info (name servers) that we send you with your hosting account Welcome Letter.

If you decide to register your own domain, you should do so BEFORE you order hosting.

NOTE: If you register your own domain, you will have a separate username / password login at your registration account (not to be confused with your HOSTING account).

Black Wire recommends Teknon Domains for registration service.
Go to:

If you are setting up a new account with a new domain Start Here.
If you are moving your website /domain from another host, Start Here.
If you need help or have questions about how to set up your website/domain, Start Here.
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